Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Game.

Those Argentine supporters are bad sportsmen. The pendejo who shon the laser on the field during the game only gave the All Blacks more drive to get the job done and they did just that in the second half, winning the game 33-15.

I did the right thing and went to church today. Can't tell you what the speakers spoke about, but I can tell you all about Hernandezs' ankle tap from Nonu that blotched a kick through 5 minutes into the first speakers talk. Haven't watched the replay of the game yet from start to finish, but I will.

Thanks to the wagging EQ members who helped out during sharing time - so I could tweet-watch the game - it was bliss. I was disgusted that no one else gave a damn about the game at church today. Wrong place maybe, but one Uncle went home to watch the golf under the guise of "going to get my tithing".

My month of sharing time is officially over.
I'm glad.

Felt bad about my sabbath today so I wen to get Rush Munroes banana ice cream and ice cap chocolate to make myself feel better. The rearrangement of the freezer section in the grocery store shattered that dream because the ice cream was not available. As I drove out of the grocery store parking lot, the missionaries from our ward drove in (so did Michelle).
Felt better.

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