Sunday, September 15, 2013


Let's be honest .. sometimes you wake up on a sabbath morning and feel like you should stay in bed all day and pretend it's Saturday. I felt like that this morning, but I got up and went anyway. Sharing time proved to be disastrous. I still contest that the revelation to put me there was wrong and I really don't know what keeps me from swearing during that one hour. The worst kids are my own blood and there's enough of them to start a riot and get everyone else on board the crazy train. We haven't had a music director in primary for about a year and after sharing time today I mentioned to the Bishop that our music director is currently my iPod and dock. It doesn't help that there are not enough people in my ward, however ... when you make up a position for someone in the youth, there's enough people.
Let me show you the stats.
Young Women: 7 on the roll. Maybe 10 attend. 5 adults.
Primary: 30 children attend. 3 adults.
"... whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants ..."
I'll keep repeating it until it doesn't hurt anymore.

In other news, which might relate to primary (popcorn popping on the apricot tree), here's proof it's Spring time. My grandmothers plum trees are blossoming.

Tashi started her raised vege and herb garden. I'd like to do a garden, but I'd also like to surround my entire house in concrete so I don't have to weed spray and mow the lawns.

For Aunty Ness - it's the only face he'll do when I say it's for Aunty Ness (who hasn't popped our baby 16 yet).

My older brother arrived home from Australia this morning. Any brother who has his wife and sisters on his mind as he passes through duty free, is a good brother/husband. It came just in time.
Chocolate is confectionery Valium.


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