Friday, September 13, 2013


I have an ongoing argument with a couple of my nieces about their taste of music vs my taste of music. They don't think I know music because my selection of it doesn't consist of Beyonce and Ariana Grande. I tried to find my musical solace in my niece Nessa, who - on the outside - likes anything opposite to her sisters, but when I had her listen to two of my favorite songs of all time, she told me one was boring and the other was weird.

The Doobie Brothers song, What a Fool believes, was written by Kenny Loggins (sings Footloose) and Michael McDonald. I remember my Dad always singing it. I like the Redwood Forest concert version of it where Loggins and McDonald sing it together. Nessa said it was boring. I told her she didn't know music and for someone who likes Barry Manilows Copacabana, she wasn't being very open minded.

The other may come as a surprise to some who wouldn't think I got into goth metal, but I very much so enjoy metal before I enjoy anything else. Larry always wondered if perhaps I was vanilla on the inside to like metal.
Love you to Death is a song by the band Type O Negative who's album, October Rust, went gold in the mid 90s. Love it, musically, lyrically, emotionally, visually - which wasn't appropriate for the blog.

Some rock/metal singers have such great voices I wonder why they waste it on metal. Eg. Tony Martin of Black Sabbath.
His voice is melt my heart fantastic.

Thank you and goodnight.

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Me said...

you should have the beyonce likers try some "pomplamoose", they do some good covers but its musically, far better.

send them off for music reeducation in portland. they'll all come back listening to indie or metal, but only if its underground :)

music suggestions: matt and kim, i am not left handed, bob dylan, moldy peaches, the doors, adele or florence and the machine (for that same strong female vocals but with actual music). the gypsy kings (for something really out there), the seatbelts (aka the band who did the soundtrack to cowboy bebop), velvet underground :)

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