Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kohanga day 2.

Kohanga basically means daycare in the Maori lingo. I had issues with sending her to this Kohanga, but then they got a new teacher who is qualified and I heard good feedback re: her. Hubba didn't want to come home when I picked her up yesterday. She was so defiant about staying there that I had to use the grit-my-teeth talk while I kindly invited her to get the hell in the car. We had a storm pass through here lastnight and I dreamed that they cancelled Kohanga because of it, so I woke up sad.

So what am I doing with my spare time. Wednesdays are usually saved for, what my siblings and I call, Wacky Wednesday. This consists of taking an Aunty to town so she can do her weekly grocery shopping. You always come home with a headache. Wednesday mornings she does the rounds and calls three of us to see who will take the bait. Sometimes I ring Michelle and put on said Auntys voice just to make her cringe. Two weeks ago $20 flew out of her hand because she doesn't like using a wallet. Last week she let the supermarket shopping cart roll into a Lexus parked next to us. Hence, Wacky Wednesday.

Happy I haven't received the call yet to be a taxi today - I'm screening calls for the rest of my life as of last week - so today, I karaoke roulette by myself.

I'd put up a video .. but I don't want to make Beyonce jealous.

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