Thursday, September 5, 2013

Google Earth

I started off looking at my own back yard from a distance. Then my parents. I followed the creek some way to see how far into Maraekakaho it went until it connected with the Ngaruroro River. Didn't find it, so I flew to Argentina - Cordoba, where Larry served his mission.

It was in Argentina that I decided I needed a time machine, then flew to Albuquerque, NM and cyber hopped in and out of restaurants he'd told me about. Followed Glorieta St from the beginning to end and couldn't identify one of his abodes and only remembered the street name, and a school being nearby, of his family home. I think I identified it by way of a blue Bronco.

Flew to Idaho and zoomed briefly over the previously named Ricks College then to Burbank, Canyon Country and Acton, CA. Flew home again and did a street view of our house. The date the photo was taken says 2010. Tried to zoom into the house to see if I could see him in there watching TV.

No dice, so I flew to the moon.
Miss him.

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