Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th.

Woke up to an email from Hells Pizza saying they have $13 pizzas today. Guess what's for dinner tonight. Hells is gourmet pizza compared to Pizza Hutt and Dominoes. Pandemonium, or what I call the thanksgiving pizza, consists of Chicken, cranberry sauce and Camembert cheese.

Went and completed the child's enrollment for daycare. Her heart was beating fast as we sat in the office and she kept reminding me that she wasn't staying. She starts on Monday whether she likes it or not. She has a few cousins and friends from Primary there and she'll be ok because I've promised her a new bag, lunch box and delicious lunches. We'll hit Nan up tonight about the new lunch box and bag.

6 hours of freedom for 5 days a week and it's even better on Wednesday - Friday when the other one is at Tech.

It's really just to settle her into the new schedule next year with school beginning in Feb. Have to make it the best summer ever this year because for the next 3 years there will be no such thing.

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