Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First day of day care.

Everyone else told me it would be good for her and for me and so she is currently enjoying her first official day at Kohanga/Daycare.
She was excited.

I had Tyler take her in the event she cried and wanted to come home, because I would have caved and bought her home.

Huevos Rancheros on left over enchiladas for breakfast.

With her new cape, she's wasted a bunch of pull-ups keeping to the theme of being Super Girl.

Yesterday she asked me not to call her Hubba because she was a 'big girl'.
She said she'd like to be called EJ Shultz.
Still wears a diaper and has a binky ... but is a big girl.

Ahh, no girl.

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Me said...

e.j. ?

i love that she likes that cape so much. i got really frustrated making it and almost didnt send it until mahonri was like, "ariel, does superwomans cape look perfect? no. its probably all burnt and dirty from saving the planet from an asteroid or whatever." i thought that was a good sentiment. its better to get into life and maybe get a little dirty than worry about a little dirt or how straight a seam is :) hugs to her!!

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