Friday, September 27, 2013

All Blacks vs Pumas

I need church to start 2 hours late this week.
I really do.

I know about sacrifice. I've done alot of it in the last 5 years, but sometimes...
If I'm inspired to go, I'll sit at the back and watch the game listen to the speakers.
I might cry over this.

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Me said...

does your phone get updates of the game, and if so, are they pretty up to the minute?

could you, go to sacrament and then, go home "sick"?

could you go to sacrament and then have a radio with earbuds hidden in your hair the rest of the time (thats how i made it through my graduation)?

could you have someone in another ward (or non-lds) watch and text you play-by-plays?

you can make it!

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