Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Michelle has been sick for the last few days, so she couldn't come to a girls only brunch this morning at Breakers.

Someone found the scissors and cut herself Dora the Explorer bangs/fringe. It's not straight and she cut alot off, but I like it!

Meet The Haven. It's what I call it now because of it's prime location and very snazzy decor. It's the cutest place you'll ever see in Bay View and Hubba wanted to sleep over.

Then we got home and I got a phone call that Michelle is in hospital. I thought she was getting better this morning when I called her. I stayed away from her house for the last few days just incase I caught what she had, which we thought she caught from bro-in-law Joel last weekend when we were in Auckland.  I am a crappy sister-in-law and I'm making up for it tonight taking 2 of her 4 kids. I managed to get the Relief Society President involved, my Mum - their grandmother, and made her take the worse 2 (Ness & Rome). Also balanced emotions of a paniced brother/husband who was ready to hop the next flight out of Mt. Isa to NZ. I don't know much on her situation .. but speaking of crappy, I'm also a crappy neighbor. My cousin lives next door and I didn't know she was pregnant. She had her baby on the back porch this morning and I found out on Facebook.

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Me said...

with the fringe she and i have the same hair :)

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