Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The week thus far.

I watched the VMAs on MTV.
What in the hell done happened to Hannah Montana. I didn't expect the content and to have the 2 year old ask, "What she doing?". It was an award show once upon a time. Now all they need are poles and money raining from the ceiling and it will be something completely different.

Pretty Little Liars .. a show I've been watching because one of my nieces told me the synopsis. I haven't stopped watching it and I'm only on season 2. As annoying as those teenage girls are, I can't stop watching and I'm tired because of it.

.. and this happened yesterday to a close friend.
All is well with much recovery.

.. and the triplets, everyone here has been waiting for, arrived today nice and healthy. Good news!
This is what happens when you neglect your child to blog for 10 minutes.

Now she'll be up all night.

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