Friday, August 9, 2013

The find.

I was doing a 'stock take' yesterday in our bathroom. Rummaging through the drawers to see how many tubes of toothpaste we had, whether or not we needed soap, where the aspirin was etc. I found Larry's hospital toiletree bag that had his bone carving in it. He hated taking it off and made sure that everytime he had to take it off, he knew where it was.

I knew he didn't have it on when he died because when they connected him into all the machines that night in the ICU and tried to get a line into his juggular, he couldn't have it on. I really hadn't thought of it since his death (258 days ago), but finding it made my day.

Bone carvings are polished animal bone carved into a design. Larry's carving was the Hei-Matau pendant which represents strength and abundance. I got it for him in 2001 when we first came to New Zealand together. He wore it all the time and over those 11 years only took it off for medical treatments.

I found it stained a yellowish color yesterday. It was pure white when I originally gave it to him. Being Maori, I should know how to take care of a bone carving, but I didn't. I googled how to care for it and how to bring the white back to it. I found the following:

Your bone carving is made of highly polished bone. This is a porous material and over time absorbs oils from your skin turning to a soft honey gold colour wherever it has been in contact with your skin. This is normal and one of the great beauties of bone crafted jewelry.

... I kinda love that reason and I'll never take it off unless I have to.

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