Friday, August 16, 2013

TGIF & Earthquakes.

Today's earthquake was different from the harsh rattle that was the last one. Sitting on the couch talking with cousin and Tyler, I felt like I was getting dizzy, but it was the house moving in a circular motion. I would have ruled it off as dizziness if it hadn't been for the pictures on the walls swaying. It measured at 6.2 in Seddon - south of here at a depth of 10km.

My brother, who has been down in Wellington for the last few weeks at Police Training College said it was a nice roll down those ways. It was followed by a 5.6 aftershock apparently and they've been having little shakes ever since. This kind of stuff always freaks my Mum out. She'd be a good dooms day prepper. She's going through her emergency stuff tomorrow for reassurance .. rolling my eyes now, but I'll probably be glad for it later.

There's going to be an earthquake tomorrow in Australia when the All Blacks beat the Wallabies. They're also using the new scrum engagement laws. I blogged once about collapsed scrums, which made me hate scrums. They're tedious and the resets are annoying. The new engagement rules consist of the props binding with their counterparts before the engagement of the packs. The ref then tells the halfback to feed the ball straight resulting in the shove applied by the opposition. These new rules are supposed to reduce injuries incurred during a scrum and are meant to be a time saver because if you're a rugby fan, you know that too many resets are hideous. Limiting the amount of scrums per game could have been another option, but resets awarded with penalties instead would take away from the actual game (like scrums do) and make getting points too easy. Bored yet? I could go on. I love rugby. So it's gone from: Crouch-Touch-Pause-Engage to Crouch-Touch-Set and now Crouch-Bind-Set.

Rugby League pre-season game tomorrow for PA.  I hate league. It's rugby with a touch of ADHD.

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Me said...

i was never terribly impressed with earthquakes. its worse riding the lightrail. we're still waiting for "the big one" though up here which is supposed to wipe out everything from seattle to sacremento. then where will people get their vintage flannel and organic coffee from???

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