Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday in Auckland.

The Good News:
I spent $70 at Marthas Backyard. Is it still false advertising when the price on the Arizona cans say 99 cents and they sold for $3?

This was the find of the day and were limited to 3 bags per customer because of high demand. I maxed out on my limit and would have got Michelle to buy 3 more if they weren't $5 per bag.

Bad news:
Could easily be the good news too.
1. The girls have broken a rule and there will be no more home alone weekends.
2. My brother missed his flight out of Brisbane and a whole new ticket had to be purchased.
3. Someone stood on the dedicated flash on my DSLR and now it won't fire. It triggers, but the strobe and bulb seem to be shot.

Tashi's Dad passed away earlier today. Big big loves to Tashi and her family. We'll head down for the tangi.

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