Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes I think moving back home was a mistake, especially this week .. and it's only Monday. I won't go into details because there isn't enough room in cyberspace to do so.

Toying with the idea to move away for 3 years to do the nursing. A temporary thing, but realising I have a child to drag 'away' with me and that in itself is problematic. Tyler and I toyed with the idea earlier today and, ersatz, I tried to manage her money for 3 years to see whether or not she'd be able to afford to stay here without me. That way I'd avoid having to rent the place out temporarily and moving everything. In our mockup of her future budget, it was doable.

.. in saying all of that .. I scared myself thinking how far I'd be from Larrys grave .. you know, in the event Christ returns within those 3 years and I'm up in Auckland when this happens.

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Me said...

i thought you were talking about coming back to the states or something. auckland isn't that far. its like being in san diego and home in la, but without the horrible traffic :)

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