Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

The HBRU didn't rule in MACs favor.
I thought about it for the last few days and heard some stories from a mixture of players who were for and against the 'protest' and I concluded with this:

Taradale earned their place because they fought their way to 3rd place with strategy and skill. Had the protest been awarded to MAC, they would have got there on a technicality. Who wants the Madison Trophy because of a technicality and not because of actual rugby? I'm happy with the final result.

I'm also happy that one of the coaches has not only resigned himself from coaching, but also resigned himself from the club completely. I overheard a conversation last night at a netball game and decided that his departure will be positive because he is no longer an asset to the club.

To Auckland tomorrow .. our big girls are staying home all by themselves. I hope they don't burn the house down. Someone come and bang on the windows at midnight on Friday!

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