Friday, August 2, 2013

Auckland (again).

We left the big girls with the house. I wrote up some rules to reassure myself. They have to get it right this time, which is the first time, or else they'll be uncool and tagging along with us next time.

Great trip up. For once I didn't drive so I was able to enjoy the vistas. Didn't take much photos because Michelle and I talked the whole way about everything. Hubba was best when she was doing this ..

.. and Rome was best when she was doing this.

Taupo. This was the only photo I took of the scenery on the trip up because I couldn't look away from the road incase Michelle looked too. Smooth trip on my brothers people mover. New roads has made the trip quicker over the years. Back when I was at boarding school it would take us 5 hours to get there (15 years ago), now it takes 3. Michelle and I decided that the best way to travel is like Tom Cruise on Minority Report.

Hubba's all bent out of shape because she's once again reminded that she's the baby of the group and is excluded alot because of it. You're number one in my group Hubba Lush!

Short trip .. home tomorrow or Sunday.

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