Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I came to a decision, finally, re: Nursing and I'll enroll in the Feb 2014 semester. Setting the wheels in motion now for the application as it requires a Level 2 First Aid Certificate. Concidentally, my brother requires one for work and we'll go at the end of the month to the two day course.

My biggest worry was what I was going to do with the child, but there are enough people to palm her off to during those hours. It's when the placements begin that will cause some issues. Before becoming an RN, you need 1100 hours of practicum over the 3 year degree hence, the placements.

It feels right and I needed this year to figure that out.

In other news .. Tyler passed her restricted NZ license today. I didn't want her to do the driving test on Vecci (but she did) because she's only insured as long as I'm in it with her and I started to worry when the usual 20 minute driving test took 50 minutes. Now she has her own car insurance and new car and no dineros ... growing up. Getting old.

Auckland tomorrow.

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Me said...

tell her to get a bike. i turn 27 this year and i've never been able to drive because of the epilepsy, but i've been able to move all over the world no problem. save her money, get a bike and maybe a bike trailer instead :) plus save the planet, and you get great legs :)

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