Monday, July 1, 2013

The Weekly Circus aka. Family Home Evening.

They all know my house is the smallest, yet it's still the venue each week, but it's ok!

At the circus someone always gets told off and cries (Coral) .. someone always breaks something (Rome) .. someone never listens (Ness & Waimea) .. someone makes the baby turn into the tasmanian devil (Ngawi) .. someone talks louder than whats necessary (Shai) .. and someone always suggests that it's time to go home earlier than usual because she's over it (Tyler).

We thought to use my garage for FHE night, but it's too cold out there during Winter.

Big Bro. Olly-Pop is 37 on Friday. We celebrated tonight because he ships out to Australia for another round in the mines on Wednesday. We had cake .. and again, no candles so we used fireworks .. inside. I still remember when he was a 10 year old mariposa begging me to walk him home back in the days and I'm 3 years younger.

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