Saturday, July 27, 2013


The sun is out today. It's a good day to take kids out and since we have a bunch of them, thanks Michelle for going to Time Out for Women in Auckland, we need to make use of the day because kids will not exist at 3pm and then again at 7.30pm.

MAC need to win today's game and it should be an easy game because they're playing the bottom of the table. What's needed more than that is for Hastings to beat Taradale this afternoon. It's possible and that's the game I'd prefer to go to watch today. Should Hastings win, it will secure MACs place in the semis.

Having a D&M with my nieces this morning. I told stories one of them probably wasn't ready for. I gave that same one the birds & the bees talk over fish n chips few months ago. I used a cup and a sausage to reenact answers to her questions and although she couldn't finish her dinner, she appreciated the tea-time-education. We lingered in between talking about The City of Enoch and wisdom teeth this AM.

None of it connected and we neglected the baby asking for breakfast for that 45 minutes. Always good to start your Saturday off with an Anya Marina waiata.

Party at mine tonight for the Crusaders vs Chiefs game.
I'm so excited and will cry if they lose.

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