Sunday, July 14, 2013


Told her off because she has a tendancy to reset the TV to start her movies over again. I've seen Mulan enough times to quote it.

Woke up to rain. Listened to the radio for half the morning crossing my fingers in hope that the parks would still be opened despite the downpour this week. It was all a go.

Perfect conditions for a rugby game.
It was wet, it was cold and there was mud.

I wore the wrong shoes, didn't have a jacket and came home with a cold.

They played two of the coaches, pictured. The coach with the ball amazed me enough to wonder why they hadn't put him on earlier. Brother told me he isn't supposed to play due to slipped discs in his back. He was awesome.

They totally lost to Havelock. Someone needs to rethink the forwards line because quite frankly, y'all had yourself a suckfest today. I've watched one player in particular all season and I'd like to kick him in the teeth because all he does it complain. 20 minutes into the second half I could clearly see Havelock starting to break ... but MAC didn't take advantage of that break down.

Because MAC broke first.

Nice form there Wille B (right end).
There was enough water on the field to swim to the try line ................

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