Monday, July 29, 2013


By looking at the pictures it's all pretty self explanatory what kept her occupied today. There was laundry to be done and her keeping busy was essential to completing laundry duties.

Her teeth have moved into a good position after her divorce from the binky.

Tyler dyed her hair chestnut brown that looks ginger-brown.

When she couldn't figure out the puzzles, she tried to throw them in the fire.

She eats chalk (Pica?). Larry had Pica during his illness (Pagophagia). He liked to sniff Vicks vapor rub and always wanted ice. This chalk is edible so safe in the event of consumption. Tastes almost like a childs chewable multi-vitamin. Thanks American eBay.

"My eye slash is stitchy!"
"Stitchy or itchy?"
"STITCHY! I need vicks."
She thinks vicks cures all.

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