Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday FHE

"Can you tell us where the karaoke is?"
"Only if you let me cellotape you together"
The things we do when we're bored.


The Livians have been sealed for 2 years now, married for 10 or 11. That's their jumbo sealing certificate above the couch in their lounge. They couldn't tell me why they blew it up so huge, but I told them it was a good reminder that they're stuck with their kids forever and ever when they're being stab-yourself-in-the-eye-naughty .. which is daily.

I thought FHE at my house was like trying to fit a watermelon through your nostril .. it's more cramped at The Livians. You may notice we have the same curtains. This is true .. when Michelle told me she got Maison D'or $200 curtains for $60 I had to outdo her and get the same curtains for $40.

No one planned a lesson so we did whatever .. I cooked the whole time. Then we had a FHE Harlem Shake, which I'll put up another day.

Red Velvet cookies for desserts.

They were pure awesome.

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