Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home again.

We've been greeted by a series of earthquakes upon our arrival home from Auckland. Sitting in the car outside of McDonalds, yip broke the sabbath today for a Big Mac, we felt the 6.5'er. The car moved slowly and I thought it was one of my compadres moving their feet. There have been 90+ quakes since 6pm tonight and they're still coming. They're ranging from 3s to 6s on the Richter.  There's been structural damage in Wellington, but nothing big here yet. Might sleep under the table tonight.

Unloaded the cameras tonight.
The Twins.

Hubba and big cousin Larell.

This boy is lucky I'm his Aunty and I have to love him because if he wasn't, I wouldn't. Miss him though. Despite his tandy yesterday at the markets where the Samoan man begged us to whack him, his kisses are silky smooth!

At Hunters.

The best part of the trip was the night markets my sister has been telling me about for a few months. I'd go back every Friday just for those markets.

$2 bags of tomatoes. Usually, in Pak n Save, they're $13 a bag in winter.

Came home to the Farm.
Meet Salty-Boy.
He's Peppers boyfriend.
 He's a Kuni-Kuni.

Happy to be home, but wish we stayed longer. This trip was a better trip than the Feb trip .. I'm not sure why exactly. Maybe it was because my Mum came too. Sister will pop her baby in 7 weeks .. maybe I'll go up then. MAYBE.

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Me said...

We get a lot of earthquakes too. They keep saying were going to sink into the sea (you know, you were in Cali). Hasn't happened yet, and I've had train rides that were bumpier :-)

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