Thursday, July 4, 2013

First week of July.

It's been a long week and it started off GREAT with the Doctors appointment on Monday. Let's just say ... I love my new Nurse Isabella! I got emotional sitting in the waiting room of the clinic, but I overcame it. Our Doctor is awesome, she always has been and I'm really appreciative that she was good friends with the politician that sat in the Immigration MPs office in Parliament and argued our case resulting in residency 2 years ago.

I can't remember Tuesday. It consisted of grocery shopping I think.

Wednesday we were supposed to have a family baptism. That didn't happen. We fed the missionaries and said goodbye to Ollypop.

Today I spent the day with my Mum. My day ended great when the Bishop cancelled our International Food night that was scheduled for next weekend. I'm happy about this because I haven't prepared recipes (Armenian) for my group or an item to perform. I don't know what Armenians do and the Kardashians aren't great examples of their people.

Friday I do laundry and celebrate my brothers 37th birthday and USAs 4th of July. I have fireworks somewhere. Monthly insurance comes out Friday, which leaves for a hard up weekend, but it's all good because Chiefs play Crusaders at 7.35pm. McCaw is still absent.

Then it's rugby Saturday with MAC playing Taradale. If they win, they'll get a semi at home. MAC haven't won the Madison Trophy since 1979. As of next week, all the HB players can't play club rugby because of HB obligations and this may be deemed as an easy way for MAC to take the trophy, but 34 years ... I'll take it.
Round 5 and here's the points table.

Round 5 last year, MAC was having themselves a suckfest.

Sunday ... baby blessing and no Sharing Time because it's a new month!

Great week.

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