Wednesday, July 17, 2013


For about 30 minutes between Taupo and Tokoroa I was graced with an "I need sugar" blood curdling mantra. Someone knew there was candy in the glove box, but couldn't open it. I turned music up loud to drown it out. I opened the windows hoping the freezing air would shut her up, but it only made her repeat it louder and sign it in her made up sign language. I knew she'd eventually give up and ignored it.
Guessed the annoyance yet?
No. My mother.
Arrived safely to sisters house. I facetimed Larell from downstairs and told her we weren't coming anymore. We crept up the stairs and opened the door and she called me a liar after being bummed out for 2 minutes.

Shai and Nessa came with us.
Sister is fat with a boy who will cook for another 7 weeks.
Hope he isn't like his brother. That fool gave me a headache within 10 minutes of arriving.
Last Origin game tonight.

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