Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Airport & Emotions.

My brother started his first leg to Australia tonight. It's only a 5 hour flight away including the one hour flight from Napier to Auckland, but flying is flying and it terrifies me all the same. When I think about all the times I flew home from LAX in 9 years, I don't know how I did it. I can tell you that St Johns Wort does not work nor does a bottle of Tylenol PM. Unless I grow wings in the future, I'm keeping my feet on Earth for the rest of my life.

Apart from leaving, I associate airports with death and that's why I hate airports and flying. Sitting at the airport tonight, and Napier is such a small airport you can sit at the gate with your party right til they board, bought back all the memories of watching Larry walk away at LAX as I passed through security and then again leaving my family in NZ to go back to LAX. In the end, it was never really worth the trip at the end of the day. Most of the time it took me MONTHS to get over that I had left California or NZ. On top of that ... I really don't know exactly how and why planes stay up. I never let Larry explain it to me because this would have fueled my paranoia.

It was a sad night for my nieces and nephew. My irritation at Rome for the 30 minutes we were there suddenly dissapeared when I turned around to see that she had just realized her Dad was really going and was crying alone as we waved from the window.

I pretended I was going on the plane a few times to see what Hubba did. She lost the plot both times.

The plane.

The Livians last few minutes before Dad boarded. All the kids got Kathmandu jackets as a going away present. Olivian asked me if I would wear one if he got me one and I said no .. everyone in this town has one! I want to stand out and keep rocking my Old Navy hoodie thats a million years old.

Michelle's going to be a sad cookie for the next 26 days, but she's lucky she has us crazies to keep her going. Mitchy, you always have those KBs Ness gave you ;)

Miss my Love.
All. The. Time.

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Me said...

my brother: "if there is a hell its an eternity in airport security, but never getting on the plane. a kid is screaming, and they have to search your bag, and you have to take your shoes off. everyone behind you is super annoyed and its embarrasing and inconvenient and your stuff gets lost and stolen. you miss your flight. again and again forever."

i added that if that is hell you should be able to get on you flight too, but it should either sit on the tarmack for eternity, or maybe have a layover in some horrible flyover state where the foodcourt is closed and there is no motel late at night. and always with the kid who is fighting with the parents and kicking your seat. so all of that just in circles forever, but you never reach your destination. hungry and tired.

either hell or an episode of the twilight zone.

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