Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Dinner.

Had dinner with my cousins tonight, Harriett & Emma. Emma's been globe trotting and got back on Saturday, so it was a good catch up.
The Bride to be get's married in October .. in San Diego! None of us are going.


Emma's new ink since the last time I saw her 3 weeks ago.

The couple on canvas. Love it and I must commend the photographer ;)

Miss Emma Camilla Leonie.
That's her full name minus her last.
Doesn't roll of the tongue does it.
Nope, not at all.

Tyler & Aunty "Twinny".

Ms Hubba.

This drink was gross.

We turn to eachother for friendship in our family. This is how my grandparents raised their children and how we were raised. Our parents had offspring around the same time and so there are alot of us who are the same age eg. Emma, Leonie and myself.
Sometimes it's just nice to be together if for anything, for the reminder that we'll always have eachother.

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