Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Rugby & Birthday

First the birthday.
The reason we had it at night was because of rugby.
I believe our priorities were in the right place.
I really do.

The cake.

Loot bags.

Lots of candy.

How we kept warm.

Rome & the pinata.

The no hands donut eating competition.

Hubba didn't follow the rules.

Enough candy to make them all hyper tonight.

The cupcakes.

Ngawi and Hubba.

Candle blowing.

And then there was rugby ..
Today was such a nice day here in The Bay that the sun got in the way of me taking some good shots. First day of winter today. I expected southerlies, at least.

Good game.
MAC won.

My older brother played for the reserves MAC team. I was nervous because I didn't expect him to play the position he played ... and he's a basketballer, not a rugby player, but he did himself justice and set up a try.

The kicker missed this conversion, but it was a good shot anyway.
Finished the 100 days yesterday.
Weighing what to read next .. Harry Potter or D&C.

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