Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NZ X-Factor.

I don't know how long NZ's X-Factor has been on, but I've watched it maybe 4 times in total. The most recent was lastnight. The show doesn't, at all, portray NZs best talent. One of Tylers friends auditioned in January and didn't make it through. She can sing.

My biggest peeve comes from Stan Walker. He's kinda the Paula Abdul of the bunch. His comments make me cringe because he struggles to put an intelligent sentence together and tends to repeat the phrase, "Oh I just love you, you're awesome". That kinda isn't enough when it's competition and I'd call his comments an easy cop out if they weren't reused so much. Don't even get me started on his bad grammar.

And the current contestants?
Not star quality. A blunt knife ricocheting off of a  set of jamaican steel drums is star quality compared to the amatuers on NZs X-Factor.

Let's just stick to rugby New Zealand .. that's where our talent is.

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