Friday, June 7, 2013

Looking to Saturday.

Have you ever experienced not wanting to go to your half sisters birthday hangi, that starts at 1pm and ends with the last man standing, because of a rugby game?
Me too.
People don't know where their priorities are sometimes!
9:30am - TA vs Lindesfarne
1pm - MAC 2nds
3pm - MAC Prems
7:35pm - All Blacks vs France.

My Dad won't be happy, but thats ok because I want understanding not happiness.
We got this All Blacks.

Happy Birthday Jazminn.

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Me said...

you would get along with the husband in the family i lived with in scotland. he was all about rugby; he even got their 18 month old a rugby jersey. when she wore it she would walk around the house kicking and tackling things :)

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