Monday, June 24, 2013

Day Care

It was 2°c this morning. It was a morning for 10am lay ins.
For yonks I've had the opinion that if you have kids, don't send them to daycare. It was an opinion Larry shared. I voiced it to my sister a few times about how she worked so hard to get her kids only to send them to daycare.

I understand now.
I understand why she rings me from her closet some days, overwhelmed.

I enrolled Hubba to start at the local Kohanga (daycare) when Darrell starts next month. It's less than a 5 minute walk down the road and she knows most of everyone there. She doesn't go to Nursery at church because the faces of the teachers are unfamiliar and crying or screaming children make her cry and scream. She's become a paua (abalone), my own fault, but there's always an ending to something and it may not be happy for her, but for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week it's a happy one for me.

Still haven't toilet trained her. I'm at war with her on that. She's a big girl when it comes to no binky, no bottle and she even takes her medicine from the syringe now .. but to pee in the potty?
No dice.

Godspeed to her daycare teacher.

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Me said...

i worked in day care/ preschool for a long time and there is nothing wrong with sending kids to a good quality day care with good people :) it actually helps them develop social skills with people outside their family and learn problems solve in unfamiliar settings! so good job!! i know it is a tough decision to make but it will probably be a good thing for both of you :) talk with her teachers and the other parents so you feel comfortable having her there and just make sure you're involved in what is going on there, and she will see its important to you, and it will be important and special to her too :)

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