Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes I get hate mail from my sister when I don't blog.
My niece is the same way. She complains too when I miss a day. Funny enough, they're both named Furness.

Sometimes when I'm having a sad day, I can't blog otherwise I'll depress myself with depressio posts. That's what private journals are for.

Apart from almost hitting someone who failed to stop at a stop sign and having lunch with my parents, nothing interesting happened today.

My brother posted this on Facebook and it was too good not to share. I apologise in advance for his spelling and grammar.

Took the family to Mc Donalds after rugby training tonight and my daughter spotted a homeless man sitting alone in the dark across the rd as we were going through the drive thru

she said Dad theres a homeless man sitting over there

Without hesitation I pulled the car over beside him took out a big mac combo and said to him

here bud

his eyes lit up and the words thank you thank you thank you came out of his mouth
I put my hand forward and shook his hand jumped in my car and drove off

my kids asked me
Dad what are u going to eat now?
I replied
Im allgood remember this

Simple acts of kindness goes along way.

My favorite Hymn page 219
Because I have been given much I to must give.

My favorite hymn too.

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