Friday, May 24, 2013


Yellow is the color of remembrance.
Today marks 6 months.
It truly sucks, but I've embraced that you are happier.

Went on the Not-Date night last night and it was nice to be child free with adults, despite my conversation was limited to Tyler, Jeston & Tashi - due to seating arrangements. Tashi and I split appetizers because Hubba wanted bacon shapes and mint cucumber dip for dinner and invited me prior. I think if there was ever a group of people I'd associate myself with regularly, it would be tonight's group. I was supposed to take a photo, but our end of the table played the no-cellphones game where you place your cellphone in the middle of the table and the first to answer a call or text (or respond to the Life alert from Candy Crush) had to pay for dessert.

Had to leave around 8pm just in case the 4 kids we left with my mum had driven her up the wall.

Miss you everyday mate-o potay-toe, but for real, send me the lotto numbers in advance.

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