Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wenerei (means Wednesday for you non-maori speaking peeps)

Day 89 in the BOM read for our Stake.
Tonights read was Mormon 5 - 7.
Mormon 6:20 was particularly helpful.

But behold, ye are gone, and my sorrows cannot bring your return.

I made it a goal to stay home today. There was nothing that needed to be done that was important enough to do right now. Whenever I stay home, everyone comes over. My Mum arrived first, then the usual (Tyler & co - who aren't really visitors, but crowd my space all the same), then the EQ President who invited me to the not-date-night tomorrow (probably going if my Mum babysits), then my baby brother and his crew, then my older brother and Michelle. Then it was midnight.

I have a sick baby. I had to force medicine down her throat and hoped it would give her a drowsy effect so she'd just go to sleep. No dice. She was too ensconced with all the visitors. It was when she banged into the wall running down the hallway did she finally go to bed.

Her teeth are moving into a better position now she's without a binky. I should've taken progress photos, but I broke up with my cameras last week because local rugby games were depressing me. I'll rekindle that relationship eventually. I can hear you now telling me how 3 years of study was a waste of money if they're just going to sit on the gas heater collecting "product of desquamation".

Chapter 7 then NewstalkZB in bed.

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