Friday, May 17, 2013

The USA store in NZ.

Sister told me all about it a few weeks ago and sent photos.
Things I miss include the variety of beverages, specifically the green and red grape Diet Rite sodas. Also the Arizona juices and Jones soda

Pak n Save has Dr Pepper & my Asian grocery store has rootbeer - not diet. NZ don't sell Diet Pepsi at all. Pepsi Max yes, but not diet pepsi.

We do have pre-mix baking stuff. I haven't seen cookie dough to the extreme that USA has it readily available.

There's a store in Napier that sells US Confectionary, but it's all over priced and expired stuff. Like the Twinkies were a year old. We still fed them to the Young Men in the ward and they're all still ok - mostly.

I miss Campbells chicken noodle soup, ranch dressing and Snackables. NZ has Doritos, but they don't have certain flavors (like Cool Ranch). I wish they had the scoop Tostitos here, but it would need to go hand in hand with some good salsa.

We have Cheerios and Fruit Loops in the cereal collection here, but not Apple Jacks or Lucky Charms.

What do I miss most from the USA?

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Teesh said...

How about I've told you about this place a million times - loser-roo!

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