Friday, May 31, 2013

Steinlager Series.

In case you didn't know, and it's a hate crime if you really didn't know, the Steinlager Series is coming up (All Blacks vs France). First game is next weekend and I was very close to getting a ticket and driving to Auckland for the game, but it always feels like I'm leaving something behind when I go as far as Napier .. and it leaves me with anxiety issues that not even the All Blacks could break .. so very close though!

I need friends who appreciate rugby as much as I do.
Friends who lose their breath at the sight of those perfectly constructed 15m H-goals.
Friends who get emotional at a dead ball.
Friends whose heartbeats are unsteady during the haka.
Friends who are on the edge of their chairs during a match.
Friends who scream at an unnoticed forward pass.
Friends who, after a brutally close game, feel relieved not triumphed.
Friends who know what an openside flanker is and agree who the best one in the world is (Clue: Starts with R - ends with ichie McCaw).
Friends who are girls ...
... because I want a All Blacks party Super Bowl style and I only have Jeston & Dempsey.
Close enough, I know, but I want to make rugby ball shaped brownies and someone tell me they're awesome instead of "great-with-milo".

Even though Hubba sits on her plastic pink chair and watches most of the games with me, she cheers at the wrong times and usually for the wrong team. She does not suffice.
I won't be taking applications because there is no one here that fits. Aunty Marva died and Pony is in Australia.

First game in the Madison Trophy round on Saturday.
So excited I kinda can't contain myself.

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