Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spare Ribs.

Last week someone mentioned Ribs from Hogs Breathe. I fell in love with Ribs when you took me to Ribs USA in Burbank years ago. I always had the "Glad it's Night & The Tips".

I tried to think why I didn't make them while you were here. All I could think of was .. the only meat available in a decent ribs-like cut was Frenched Lamb. Fail. The BBQ sauce used would have been perfection had I used 2 bottles instead of watering down 1 to stretch it. (Smokey BBQ by Masterfoods)

The secret to good ribs is this:
First Boil the ribs.
Crock pot in BBQ sauce for 4 hours.
Re-Sauce then grill/bake until the sauce is nice & thick..
Some say that meat falling off the bone is over cooked. Meat falling off ribs is perfection. There is no other way.

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