Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Rugby

Have you ever wondered how when there are only 12 musical notes in the Universe, as far as we know, why melodies haven't run out?
I use to wonder that until I was listening to Rob Thicke this morning and one of his songs sounded alot like Al B Sures Night & Day (see Love after War by Thicke), which led me to Madonnas Hung Up song, which sounds alot like Boney Ms Rasputin. My mental list goes on.
Just saying.

MAC vs Clive.  I think the final score was 15-5 to MAC.
Last game of the first round, Nash Cup, and a good game. MAC will come off 5th on the points table with a total of 19 .. as opposed to Techs (first place) 37. It's all good, maybe they can pull something out of their butts on the next round.

Lady Grumps.

Cold night in tonight.

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Teesh said... watch this lol

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