Friday, May 31, 2013

June Birthdays.

My mum is 54 tomorrow and because of the holiday weekend, we're having Ngawi's 5th birthday a week early. To avoid making the potatoe salad for the BBQ, I volunteered to do the cake. It weighed on me all week. I had in mind a simple square cake cut in half to look like a treasure chest with chocolate money and candied jewels falling from it, but Pinterest kept daring me to try the ship.

Sponge cake is not the one. The only thing you can ice a sponge with is cream. This took forever and it was falling apart. There are probably more toothpicks in the cake than there is cake.

I had wanted to use Roll-Ups for the sails .. but no shop had them. Do they even make them anymore? I didn't want to use fondant or molding chocolate and there was no time to royal ice the sails.

I should have done it tomorrow .. but there are two rugby games that will woo me for 160 minutes in the afternoon and I'll be racing back to meet the 4.30pm birthday start time.

I don't want to do anymore birthday cakes until Hubba's in September.
Birthdays are banned until then.

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