Saturday, May 4, 2013

Honey & Sister.

Do you know where the biggest integrated beekeeping enterprise is in the Southern Hemisphere?
Hawkes Bay.
Arataki Honey is located in Havelock North heading towards the Waimarara/Haumoana intersection. Someone felt brave yesterday and wanted to take 7 kids there. I wasn't going until I got told off by my mother about 'getting out of the house so you're not sad all day'.

So I went. The picture above is the honey sniffer case.
Below Tashi is watching the bees work their magic.

Here's Rome.

Arataki makes 8 different types of honey. The kids were all over the samplers. I didn't tell them honey was bee vomit until they were in the car ready to leave.

The honey thyme was my personal favourite. It has a very sharp thyme taste. Explaining it to my sister, it's like how vintage cheddar is pungent comapred to normal cheddar. Not sure what exactly it will work with, but I'll find something. Honey Thyme chicken wings?

Clover honey is always nice to have for winter. Add that ish to your lemon drink with some apple cider and it's all good.

Tasty manuka honey fudge. I would have got manuka honey if it didn't cost so much. My dentist in the USA used manuka honey toothpaste she'd import from Arataki. It was $350USD a clean using the manuka toothpaste.

All was going well at Arataki until I saw one of your renal technicians from the Dialysis Unit. Thankfully he and his family were leaving so a quick hello, how are you, goodbye was appreciated.

Came home with a sick baby.
That's what happens when Nan wants to take her grand kids out in the cold.

Sister rang at 10:30pm.
She doesn't usually ring that late and I don't usually answer that late, but it was a much needed conversation. We talked about vicks rubbed on heels, our brothers undies when they were younger, blurred photos, the kids and laughed and remembered one of our cousins getting stuck on the roof of our old house when we were little. He literally got his hand and leg stuck between the roof panels. All I remember was sitting on the trampoline giggling while watching him have a panic attack.

Glad I only have one sister. I can't imagine how many phone calls I'd get every day if I had 4. Think my brothers have made up for the lack of estrogen in the family by having mostly daughters. Out of 16 kids, 9 are girls.

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