Friday, May 3, 2013

Happiness from a distance.

I've been reading "Glimpses of Eternity", by Arvin S Gibson for the last couple of days. It's a compilation of near-death experiences coupled with LDS doctrine. It's an interesting read and is told/explained in such a way where, I don't blame you for leaving this life.

It leaves one with alot to think about and much to look forward to.

I spent most of yesterday remembering the morning you died. I haven't thought about it this much since it happened and I was in such a state that I really didn't want to be around anyone yesterday, excluding the baby. I tried to do things that took my mind off of it, but nothing worked. It's hard to be sad when I read the book and glimpse what you are living right now. It makes me happy to know it, but makes me sad that you are not here making me happy.

All I have are memories, and most of the time they are good ones, but sometimes memories take you back to points in your life you try to forget.
Like that morning.

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