Friday, May 24, 2013

Funeral & Rugby

I forgot to mention my Uncle Moe died during the week (his mother and my grandmother are first cousins). You didn't officially meet him, but he mentioned during your tangi that he heard you speak in church once and knew you were a great guy. So if you get a high five from a random newbie, it's just Uncle Moe. His funeral was today. Typical of the burial scene, is the haka.

I'd imagine if Spartans were to play rugby, it would look a little something like the Chiefs vs Crusaders game tonight. My team lost (28-19), but that was an awesome game. Kieran Read got my BP up. That guy couldn't push a ball over the line if he had a rhino horn up his butt violating him to move forward.

You know how all this could have been avoided? How they could have won?
That's right.
Say it with me .. Richie McCaw.

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