Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Empanada Night and budgeting.

Had to make use of the chicken and broccoli Tyler purchased and let go to waste. *shakes head*.

They're basically pies with a different filling.

Delish. Even better are empanadas with poached peach filling and vanilla cinnamon on top.
Sprinkles of cinnamon on my heavily creamed hot milo are like rays of sunshine.
For real.

Even she liked them.

I've been flicking through a book about money management, it was refered to in another book I've been reading, and theres an experiment in the book that tells you how to grocery shop and save. I plan my meals each week, fully writing them out and getting what I need from the grocery store. The problem is that I never stick to the list especially when Pak n Save has deals going on .. that's when I think to myself, "Yes, for just $5 I do need 4 packs of Toffee Pops".

The book also teaches about shopping every 2 weeks as opposed to weekly.
Shop for 2 weeks.
Stick to your list. I'm going to try it .. next week.

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