Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Diablo II

"I don't want to go to church today"
"Why not?"
"I went yesterday evening"
"We were at rugby then"
"I don't like church today"
"We're going"

She's naughty every Sunday. I usually tell her to go sit somewhere else and that relieves me during first hour. Turned around to see a look on Michelle's face, that first hour, that looked like she needed a noose. Tried to push her into nursery during 2nd hour and sent her home with Tyler during 3rd hour.
All this equals a great day at church.

Day 93 of the BOM read.
Ether 6 talks about the Jaredites heading to the promised land in barges. They were at sea for 344 days. 344 days.  I couldn't stand 5 days on a luxury cruise ship hugging Baja Mexico. I would have not made a great Jaredite.

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