Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dude, rough night! Could've used your ear early hours of the morning.
Thank goodness the time difference in Kalgoorlie gave me an outlet and I found my understanding there.

My two brothers have told me about a date night in our ward on Thursday night. I told them both that my date died and that Richie McCaw is currently at rugby training for the France game next month and is unavailable, so I'm not going. Then Michelle text and said she'll be my date. Despite that you'll get a better conversation out of me than you're husband 3s still a crowd, not going. Not babysitting either.

Then there's the ward Thanksgiving in July I was roped into. I suggested it for the family and it became a ward thing because I was standing too close to someone at church and talking about it and they overheard and suggested it in ward council, but, I love the idea of doing it as a ward ... if everyone comes it will be fab. The hard part will be making everyone come because sometimes we're anti-social. It's annoying.

... and I realise I've contradicted myself by not going to the date night, but the fact remains I don't have a date and it's a date night. If they have a Baby-and-Two-Freeloaders-that-won't-go-away night, then I'm good to go.

... and then I dreamed of you in a floral dress bringing home In-n-Out burger lastnight.

Love my cousins.
Jan 2015, it's on!

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