Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Rugby.

My cousin was not even a year old when he crawled into the family swimming pool and drowned. This left him brain damaged and a quadriplegic. He was only 7 when he died. Today the family had his unveiling. The stone is huge. Easily the biggest in the entire graveyard, but it suits. Got to see my Dad and his side of the family. Despite that he only lives up the road, we very rarely see each other. My Nana was the highlight of the day when she held the microphone like a cellphone and spoke during her talk. My Dad kept whispering that she was a silly old bat, so when I'd giggle my brother would look disapprovingly.

The kids ate noodles by your grave and I left you a yellow rose from our garden.

Then it was off to rugby.
MAC vs Tamatea.
For a team that's at the top of the table, they should have smoked the team at the bottom of the table like how Havelock (3rd) smoked the Pirates (1st) today with a 41-5 win.

Here are the kidlets.

I'll say it again, fitness levels were down today. The bottom team gave them a run for their money in the last 40. As it stands, they remain undefeated.

Worst part of today.
We lost the Miomee.
Brace yourself .. it's going to be a long night.

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