Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rainy Days.

Everything started to turn green a few weeks back. I noticed on my front lawn when I picked up apples for the goat. I hate mowing lawns, but the greenery is worth it. It began to rain today and it's supposed to rain til the weekend. Rain on Saturday will make for a good home game for MAC.
We were able to use the "brellas" Nan got the kids.

The fireban was lifted on Friday and there were three stacks of wood and branches ready to be burned from the pine trees my parentals felled over summer. This has given us firewood for winter.

It's also gumboot season. Tashy rocking hers from FCO.

Ngawi's lady bug umbrella.
He had his leg adjusted yesterday in Wellington and rocked his gumboots today too.

The new dog. No idea why they needed another one.
Dogs name is Coco and he's not as friendly as the other 2.



Love the rain. Love winter. Love gumboots/snowboots.
Then there's this commercial.

It's about the new light proof milk bottles New Zealand has decided to use. They look like bleach bottles. I like to see my milk levels myself so I'll stick with my brand, that doesn't use a new fancy bottle. Watching this ad tonight all I could think was ... "I wonder if they used the LW Cow for this commercial?".

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