Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today NZ Parliament passed the bill allowing marriage equality.

As far as I'm concerned, how people choose to love is their business and now they can publicly celebrate that. I choose to neither agree or disagree. It simply is what it is.

121 voted.
44 said no. 77 said yep.

I am glad however that a celebrant is protected if they don't want to take part in such a marriage.

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Me said...

yay for new zealand! we're trying for that in the usa. right now the laws are set so that even if you live in a state where its legal, the federal law says its not recognized, so its basically like a pretend marriage and they cant visit eachother in hospital, inherit, etc. they can create wills, power of attorney, etc, but if they have family who doesnt approve of their life, they can challenge and overturn those documents in court, which you cant do with a marriage :( its like, let people live with their lives. also, we have so many unadopted kids in the usa, and gay couples want to adopt them, but the government "flags" their adoption, as if they had been reported for abuse :( those kids need homes, and its really discrimintory.

whats a celebrant?

pretty soon you guys will have all the americans flocking in. healthcare and gay marriage, and i dont think you're at war with anyone :)

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