Thursday, April 4, 2013

First week of April

I spent all day yesterday turning your office into her bedroom. Sleeping with her is kinda like sleeping with a helicopter rotor. I put her to sleep on my left side and she wakes up on my right with her feet sometimes in my sock with my foot.

She likes the idea of her own room and she likes the space. She's had day time naps in her room without fighting about it and lastnight she went down just fine, with your song quietly playing on the dock, and she only woke up because she needed a diaper change. She didn't go back into her bed after that.

Tonight she simply refused to go in her own room .. little does she know that when she falls asleep, it's eviction time.

I want to paint the room .. but I just can't part with the blue wallpaper that is as old as I am or the green carpet.

Day 131.

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