Monday, April 29, 2013


I attended a funeral today that reminded me that having an appreciation for my family is essential for conserving a happy family. It's something that, at one point in time, we all lack. Sometimes the worst things bring together a family that was once scattered emotionally.

I've learned to appreciate my family this weekend. I've learned that, with my family, sometimes water under the bridge is the best option.

The funeral today kinda moved me and through the whole service all I thought was, "If only you accepted what she had accepted for 65 years of her life".

I love my family. Immediate, extended and otherwise.
They're in my life for a reason and whatever the reason, I value them all.

Reid Family Stats.
From my grandparents:
8 children.
41 Grandchildren.
73 Great-Grand Children
2 Great-Grandchildren cooking. (One due this week, one due in Sept)
4 Great-Great-Grand Children.


Me said...

reid is my boy's mum's maiden name. maybe down the geneology a ways ya'lls are related.

CamillaS said...

Could very well be. My pops is part white. Not sure where from originally though. Most likely the UK.

Me said...

yeah they're from wales or scotland or some uk place a long time ago.

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